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Power Tools &
Equipment by IATP

Power Tools &
Equipment by IATP

About Us

“Izhevsk Air Tool Plant” has been manufacturing high quality air tools for more than 20 years. With the wide array of technical equipment and qualified personnel “Izhevsk Air Tool Plant” satisfies needs of many steel mills, foundries, shipbuilders, mining and concentrating companies, construction companies across all Russia, and also in the near abroad countries.


As the market leader of the air tools in Russia, we are constantly improving product design and quality and developing new products (different from those of our competitors by design and construction efficiency). We have more than 6 tool patents, indicating that “Izhevsk Air Tool Plant” doesn’t copy old technologies.

From project to manufacture and implementation of the instrument at production site.

production cycle


We don’t use purchased components. All gage parts are made of metal.

Quality of every component

We produce gages and spare parts and can easily guarantee fast delivery.

All spare
parts in stock

We can redesign gages for customer needs.


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