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Electronic and air length gages

Air and air-to-electronic length gages are used to control dimension, form and surface position deviations.

Gages produced by our plant differ from equivalents by absence of electrostatic sticking of floater, tuning stability, high sensitivity and low air flow. Also, they can be regulated without need to replace indicator tube and floater and can be controlled in hard-to-reach places due to small nozzles.

Air length gage DP-100

Measuring range (mkm): 20…200

Measuring error: max 2.5% of measuring range

Scale-division value with scale length 200 mm (mkm): 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0

Original measuring clearance (mkm): up to 160

Supply pressure (MPa or kgf/cm2): 0.35-0.6 (3.5-6)

Dimensions with platform (mm): 150х170х500

Electronic length gage DE-200

Measuring range (mkm): 10, 30, 100, 300, 1000

Scale-division value depending on range (mkm): 0.1, 1.0

Measuring accuracy: 0.01*X, where X is measuring range

Number of measuring channels: 2

Information output: 4-digit display and discrete linear 100-segment indicator

Supply voltage: 220V, 50Hz

Dimensions (mm): 445х235х50

Electronic length gage DE-200M

Number of measuring channels: 2 (A and B) and more

Measuring range in each channel (mkm): from minus 500 to plus 500

Permissible adjustment offset in 1 hour (mkm): max 1.0

Display types:

  • linear discrete scale with 100 segments
  • digital display 2x16 digit

Digital display:

a) in the range 0-30 mkm:

  • least significant digit value (mkm): 0.1
  • Indication resolutions of the least significant digit (mkm): max 0.1

b) in the range more than 30 mkm:

  • least significant digit value (mkm): max 1.0

Note: least significant digit value switchover is manual, depending on tolerance of the measured parameter

Limit of permissible indication error of X indicator (mkm):

  • linear discrete: not rated
  • digital: +/- 0.01X, where X is full-scale deflection (mkm)

Setting time (s): max 0.5

Arithmetic operations: [А] + [B], [А] - [B]

Information output for peripherals:

  • analog data (through external connector)
  • digital data (through external connector RS232)

Converter type: inductive

Electronic length gage DE-200M supply:

  • voltage (V): 220 ±10%
  • frequency (Hz): 50 ±1

Up time from switching on (min): max 15

Required power (VA): max 20

Continuous work time (h): min 8