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Pneumatic tampers

Hand air tampers with anti-vibration protection are used in foundry for impact compression of molding compounds when producing cores and molds of different purposes, as well as for compression of upper sand layer after machine molding.

Design features allow to lengthen tampers up to 2 m and more depending on production conditions and human engineering data of operators.

Use of advanced technologies in essential part machining (air cylinder, handle) extends the service life until the overhaul.

Anti-vibration handle of the tamper has an original design allowing to dampen vibration with air power instead of dampening spring.

Air tamper PT-20

Single blow energy (J): 6

Impact frequency per minute: 1300

Air pressure (kg/c2): 6

Air consumption (m3/min): 0.5

Butt diameter (mm): 50

Length (mm): 540

Weight (kg): 3.5

Air tamper PT-32

Single blow energy (J): 20

Impact frequency per minute: 1600

Air pressure (kg/c2): 6

Air consumption (m3/min): 0.6

Butt diameter (mm): 70

Length (mm): 800

Weight (kg): 7.5

Air tamper PT-32U

Single blow energy (J): 23

Impact frequency per minute: 1000

Air pressure (kg/c2): 6

Air consumption (m3/min): 0.7

Butt diameter (mm): 70

Length (mm): 1100

Weight (kg): 8.5

Air tamper PT-38

Single blow energy (J): 30

Impact frequency per minute: 1300

Air pressure (kg/c2):6

Air consumption (m3/min): 0.8

Butt diameter (mm): 70

Length (mm): 1000

Weight (kg): 8.8